About Our Founder

About Our Founder

Joey Mestres, the founder, was a manager for an accounting firm that had small restaurants as clients; realizing the vast need for small restaurants to have full accounting services, Gourmet Accounting Solutions was born. His professional career in accounting, audit and consulting spans over 25 years and varies from a small CPA firm that catered to small businesses to audit manager at IBM and American Express. He brings to the table his experience working with both small businesses and fortune 500 companies. This unique combination enhances his overall business acumen and provides invaluable insight.

He has an enormous passion to see small business owners succeed and know that he was an integral part of that success. Joey becomes part of the restaurant’s team and has encountered several restaurants that were either near closing or had just opened and he enabled their growth and success.

Note From Our Founder

I began my career in a small accounting firm with high end clientele that included; the former president of Nicaragua, his family members and close personal friends all with businesses throughout the world. There, I performed many small audits, reviews, compilations, processes implantations and tax returns. I realized then that people have a difficult time finding quality accountants that add value to their organization.

I founded Gourmet Accounting Solutions to solve this problem and meet the needs of small to midsize restaurants. I went to a high school where our school motto was “men for others”. This was instilled in me during those formative years, but it wasn’t till about 5 years ago, that I truly applied this principal to my life. We bring this belief to the table, it’s what differentiates us from other accounting firms.

I founded this firm because I wanted to create an amazing organization where our core values are lived out daily. We partner with our clients, and as a team, we strive for excellence. We want to become the most trusted and competent accounting firm, by helping out clients create lasting legacies in the restaurant industry. I am passionate, energetic, and full of great ideas on how to improve our client’s business. I hope that you will give my concept a chance and let us compliment your recipe for success!!!!

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